To set alight, to kindle and to trigger the most powerful weapon a man can possess- his mind. The precision of which is yet unknown and unparallel and the only way to catapult it to it's full potential is by igniting it with ideas.

A number of thoughts fomented in a human mind, sparking it into an idea and ensuring that the spark is inflame , fostered and fueled is the prime notion to get our minds racing towards the horizon of new objectives. To start an era by carrying forth the flame- the ideas to every individual is what ignited looks forward to.


The enlightening of the mind, the awakening of the body, the provocation of self to do more persuades ideas that one can not hold back. The interpretations created, have the ability to change the way the world works.
The new dawn! The new dawn embraces the adrenaline rush, the urge to do more, to wake up differently with a new purpose. Each perception being stronger than all the armies in the world and to live each day with vigour like this creates a new brawn atmosphere taking the ideas to a next level.